before u contact us, plz be sure to read this!

All sales are final and will be NO refund regardless of the reasons of claims.
Also, we do NOT honor any and all product exchange requests.

Q1 I purchased a product. but, I was not able to receive it.
Ans. plz use “REDELIVERY”. 👉 how to use

Q2 I have purchased it by mistake. Plz refund. or Plz give me new hair.
Ans. All sales are final and will be NO refund regardless of the reasons of claims. Also, we do NOT honor any and all product exchange requests.

Q3 This hair/pose/nail/clothes does not suit me.
Ans. hmmm…Why did u not try DEMO?! Let’s try DEMO, also in order not to carry out useless shopping. If there is no DEMO, plz contact us.
When the note which wrote the size of the head is contained, please refer to it.
Much mesh heads are released, but those head shapes are originals of that designer.
We cannot understand all it. Plz try DEMO by all means!

Q4 I purchased item now. but, it does not arrive.
Ans. occasionally… There is such a trouble. very luggy, fault of SIM , fault of SL etc…
in that case, plz use “REDELIVERY” system. ☞ how to use

Q5 Plz sell a modifiable item to me. / send to me.
Ans. sorry…we will turn that down.

Ans. What is that item?
▸ GIFT from ur friend ==⇒ refer to Q7
▸ GIFT from PINK HUSTLER ==⇒ not redelivery
▸ GACHA ==⇒ not redelivery (cuz gacha item is no copy)
▸ SALE END ITEM ==⇒ not redelivery (check catalog)
▸ NEW SYSTEM(after Dec 23rd 2017) ==⇒ more info

Q7 I got a gift from a friend. I want to receive the item once again. Is REDELIVERY system usable?
Ans. The gift item is not recorded for ur history.It is recorded for the history of ur friend
plz ask ur friend to use a delivery system.

Q8 I’d like to send a question…
Ans. Plz write ur question in NC. send to pinkhustler Resident
Luka will not be able to receive almost!

Q9 Plz become a sponsor of my blog
Ans. We welcome a blogger. ☞ more info

Q10 Question except our product
Ans. The question except our product does not answer.

Q11 Plz tell me how to make mesh product/bento pose.
Ans. I learned them by self-education.u do ur best too.

I purchased product(hair/nail/pose/gacha) in MarketPlace. I want to inquire about this product.
Ans. About the product which u purchased in MarketPlace, we cannot guarantee quality.
cuz it is second sale or copybot. A malicious exhibitor may exhibit a product(copy item / gacha item which was changed)
plz use MarketPlace at your own risk. we cannot support it.

—– hair —–—–

Q1 white/gray hair is in box which I purchased.
Ans. all hair is white/gray color first. plz change a color using color HUD.

Q2 HUD does not work
Ans. plz take off HUD. and wear it again.
plz wait until it is displayed “Ready” in Nearby Chat.
when a rag occurs in SL, HUD may not be usable temporarily. plz dutch and wear again.

Q3 plz tell me how to use HUD
Ans. plz check this ⇒ HOW TO USE

Q4 Plz sell a modifiable item to me. / send to me.
Ans. sorry…we will turn that down. all hair [COPY] [NO MOD] [NO TRANS]
furthermore! Rigged-MESH is impossible that u mod. If u would like to change something….
we have to make and upload it again. but we do NOT accept the special order.

Q5 hair alpha does not contain.
Ans. Sorry…hair alpha is put in the shop.(FREE)

Q6 Plz change a color. Plz change form. Plz make a item for me.
Ans. we do NOT accept the special order. u must purchase a sold thing after assent.
at first , try DEMO , plz think carefully.

Q7 Is size not changed?
Ans. resize is not possible in a property of Rigged-MESH(Fitted-MESH). NON-Rigged-MESH is resizable.
The long hair does not have NON-rigged(unrigged) mesh hair basically.
plz confirm about ur hair by HAIR CATALOG

Q8 hair color is different…
Ans. we make structure of HUD and the structure of the hair with the same color code.
however, HUD is “full-bright” so that u see it very well.
hair does not make “full-bright” cuz it is strange.
we cannot cope even if said that colors are different after u purchased it! why do u not try DEMO?
Furthermore, it seems that the color changes by environmental setting.
at first , try DEMO , plz think carefully.

Q9 Does it not become smaller?(NON Rigged-Mesh)
Ans. There is the limit. If the message “No resize! Out of limit sizes are not accepted” is displayed, it is a limit. plz try DEMO by all means!
※ long hair does not have NON-rigged(unrigged) mesh hair basically.
plz confirm about ur hair by HAIR CATALOG

Q10 I cannot resize my hair…why?
Ans. is ur hair Rigged/Rigging-Mesh? cannot resize Rigged-Mesh in In-world.
resize is indicated for only Non-Rigged-Mesh
plz confirm about ur hair by HAIR CATALOG

Q11 HAIR BASE is not included in hair box.
Ans. Did u confirm that HAIR BASE include in DEMO?! NO WAY!! cuz HAIR BASE is sold separately.

Q12 MESH HEAD and a border of HAIR are transparent
Ans. plz take off HAIR and wear it again.
So it may be settled temporarily. We are working on its correction since MESH HEAD became mainstream.
Plz refer to this page to confirm update.

Q13 Hair does not fit the size of my mesh head
Ans. sorry… but we cannot grasp all mesh head and shape of all people. Plz try DEMO by all means whether match ur mesh head before purchasing hair.

—– NAIL for BENTO HANDS —–—–

Q1 Nail slips off from a finger
Ans. NAIL may seem to slip off depending on SKIN which u wear.
Plz refer to [this page] for Belleza hands

Q2 Why do u not distribute DEMO?
Ans. In the characteristic of the product, we do not distribute DEMO of individual nail. but only a nail of special form will prepare DEMO.
Plz try “sizing DEMO” which can check nail size.
If u want to confirm each color, plz refer to color check HUD.(nail color is not changed in this HUD)

Q3 Please tell me about size
Ans. bento nail was made for Maitreya body Lara Hands / Slink Dynamic Hands / Belleza Hands
nail length : long, super long, ultra long
nail for : pointed, square, squoval,s-squoval, almond,rounded
Plz identify the length and form in sizing DEMO. Plz confirm size by each nail AD/POP or our website.

Q4 Which bento hands can I attach NAIL to?
Ans. plz check nails AD/POP.

Q5 Plz sell nail for VISTA HANDS.
Ans. sorry, we canceled sale and the making.
cuz VISTA hands dose not distribute an official template.

Q6 Nals is not attached properly.
Ans. check information

Q7 Plz lengthen/shorten nail length. plz change/add color.
Ans. sorry, we do not accept the request.

—– Pose for Project BENTO —–—–

Q1 what is Project BENTO?
Ans. It was introduced newly from 2016 autumn.plz acquire an exclusive viewer to display Bent definitely.(Nov,2016)
Download the official bento viewer

Q2 after having used poses, my shape has collapsed!!
Ans. It is not a problem! plz reset ur avatar.
avatar right click > Reset Skeleton or Reset Skeleton And Animations

Q3 poses not match my shape…
Ans. It is impossible to make a pose to the shape of all ppl…
plz coordinate ur shape.
btw, my shape is…Body Thickness 40 / Shoulders 22 / Breast Size 45 / Arm Length 78 / Hand Size 23

—– make up for “tsg” mesh head —–—–

Q1 Make-up is not indicated.
Ans. BUG is not found in *PH*HUD. a lot uses it without a problem such a phenomenon happens quite often.
Did u read explanation of TSG?

plz check this
① is ur mesh head latest version?
② do u wear “.tsg. (head name) Makeup Layers”?
③ do u use “.tsg. Mesh Head Makeup Applier HUD”?
④ click and apply HUD → confirm “Mesh Head Makeup Applier HUD” → exclude “Makeup Layers” → wear “Makeup Layers” again
⑤ plz change an expression many times. and,plz finally choose “natural”

makeup does not seem to be applied to all tsg mesh head/all expressions
plz make an inquiry in “TSG” about MESH HEAD. http://tsginsl.blogspot.com/
If there is a question about tsg mesh head, plz send it to tsg owner/manager.

—– V.I.P group —–—–

Q1 How much does it cost to participate?
Ans. join cost L$500. NO refund regardless of the reasons of claims.
If u want to receive information of PINK HUSTLER,plz join INFORMATION SUBSCRIBE(free)

Q2 Did u expel me from this group?
Ans. what?! we do not expel a member.
but we expel a person troubling a visitor and staff.

Q3 I have withdrawn from V.I.P group by mistake. I want to join the group again. Plz repay me.
Ans.NO refund regardless of the reasons of claims. cuz We do not record the transaction history of all members.
About this matter,we may not help u.