Bento Nail : UPDATE for Belleza hands

Sep 13th ,2019 ~
UPDATE BENTO NAIL for Belleza Freya Hands

(this will quite fit Venus and Isis)


we will add a bento nail for Belleza Freya hands. add it sequentially.
If u already bought a target product/bento nail, plz use redelivery system.
↓↓↓ plz confirm update schedule! ↓↓↓


Belleza does not distribute hands-template for Belder users.
(A bug was found in the file distributed for Blender users,
we are investigating it with avastar support staff now)
but we decided to make a nail for Belleza hands, cuz there were very many requests!
therefore we cannot make a fine adjustment. Approve the some gaps.
Plz try DEMO by all means



【SEP 13th】#059
【SEP 14th】#058 , #057
【SEP 15th】#055 , #053 , #051 , #050
【SEP 16th】#045 , #041 , #040
【SEP 17th】#049
【SEP 22nd】#039 , #036
【OCT 10th】coming soon

to be continued…